Our website uses cookies for two purposes: To enable the website to work using your selections and preferences and to collect anonymous browsing data so we can analyse how to improve our website. We do not use tracking advertising (Re-marketing).


Session Cookies: These are anonymous cookies that link a user uniquely to our servers in order to provide functionality. (eg. Adding items to a basket).

Google Analytics: These are anonymous cookies that link a user with Google to measure how the website is used and how it can be improved. (eg. Which are popular pages? Why?…) Google Privacy Policy

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The cookies used to enable the website to work are anonymous cookies but they link your computer session with data on our servers. This data is stored temporarily on the server and is cleared every 30 days. If an order is placed, we will hold on to your data indefinitely so that you can place further orders using the stored details. This data is never shared with any third parties and you can request that we remove your personal data if you wish.


During the payment phase of an order the user will be sent to our payment processors website (Stripe) where all details needed to make a payment will be taken. Some of this information will be retained in order to fulfil their legal obligations in regards to the payment. Stripe Privacy Policy